Editorial Policy


At Frugal Students, we aim to provide informative and accurate articles about how students and recent graduates can save money. We thoroughly research every article and work hard to confirm everything we share to ensure that the information is timely and factual.

At times, we may interview subjects to share their expertise on the topics of saving and earning money, in addition to related subjects. We never pay our sources in exchange for interviews or contributions, and all subjects agree to speak on the record voluntarily. They also have the right to withdraw or change their comments at any time by contacting us and expressing their desire to do so.

Right to Anonymity

In certain isolated instances, Frugal Students may agree to protect a subject’s name if the information they provide will be helpful to readers but the subject is not willing to have their real name publicized. If we do use a pseudonym for a source, we will note that at the end of the article. 


From time to time, we share reports, statistics and information from other sources. We commit to always linking to the original source in these instances. 

Image Policy

We use original photos, drawings and graphics, as well as license-free images from royalty-free websites. In addition, we publish photos that we pay to use under a license from agencies.

Right to Reprint

Frugal Students is the legal owner to copyright of every article published on our site and our related social media accounts. Permission to reprint content may be granted on a case-by-case basis by contacting us at info@frugalstudents.com. In the event that we grant use of our content, we ask that the outside party cite Frugal Students as the source of the information and link back to our original article. 

Correction Policy

If at any time we are alerted that a correction is required to anything published on FrugalStudents.com, we will investigate it immediately and make swift corrections if warranted.

Guest Contributions

Frugal Students will evaluate guest contributions on a case-by-case basis. Any party interested in sharing content on FrugalStudents.com should contact our editors at info@frugalstudents.com.